Antlion Audio ModMic USB Attachable Noise-Cancelling Microphone with Mute Switch GDL-1500 USB-A

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Pattern: Omni or Uni-directional

Sensitivity: -38 ± 3 dB

Response (Omni): 50 Hz–20 kHz

Response (Uni): 100 Hz–10 kHz

Max Sampling Rate: 48kHz, 16-bit

Jack: USB-A

Antlion Audio ModMic USB

A Leap Forward in ModMic Technology

The ModMic USB is the highest quality of wired ModMics ever made, with an unmatched clarity for the first USB terminating ModMic! The ModMic USB attaches to any pair of headphones, instantly transforming them into the ultimate audio headset. Experience dual mic modes, including the award-winning omni-directional capsule for broadcasts and a brand new premium noise-canceling uni-directional mic for noisy environments.

  • Highest Quality Noise-Canceling Microphone
  • In-Line Mute Switch
  • Ultra-Compatible USB Termination
  • Easy to Attach and Remove
  • 4-1


    With the all-new design your voice will be crystal clear, whether you're in the quiet of your home or in a room with other players. Use studio quality omni-directional mode for maximum frequency response. Background noise blocking your sound? Switch to the uni-directional mic when in a room with other players to block out their shouts and the frantic clicking of keys. Gaming never sounded so good.

  • 4-2


    With such good sound quality on your mic it’s difficult not to brag about your newest gadget. ModMic USB all new studio quality, omni-directional mic mode lets you upgrade the audio on your broadcast, so you can create content that you're proud of. When you're not in the quiet atmosphere of your home or studio, the uni-directional mic mode has you covered. Easily switch to the noise canceling uni- mode when interviewing in louder environments like a game, or live streaming outdoors. Never limit where your broadcasts take you with the new ModMic USB.

  • 4-3


    Impress clients, customers, and co-workers with amazing sound. The ModMic USB upgraded quality can make your voice clear and crisp, no matter how you use the mic. The noise canceling, uni-directional mode is perfect for blocking out the noisy surroundings of your daily life, letting your voice be heard in every meeting or call. Multi-tasking just got easier with the in-line mute switch. With one simple switch, instantly mute your mic for longer hold times and un-mute just as quick to get right back to your call. With the ModMic USB, you'll do better business.

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