Yabano Blender Smoothie Makers 500W, 2 in 1 Multi-functional Personal Blender Mixer with 2x600ml Portable Bottles and 200ml Grinder, BPA-Free

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Easy to Use

One touch operation, delicious cuisine at your fingertips.

Safety Lock

The blender only work when the safety is in the correct position.

Cooling Design

Take the heat away from the blender, improve product life.

Double Bottles Design

You can use this blender even if your family takes one of the bottles or leaves the bottle in the office, there is no need to wait for it.

Anti-slip Sleeve

No longer have to worry about the bottle slipping from your hand, no longer worry about the bottle frosting and freezing in your hand.

Travel Lid

The sealing ring design meets your portable needs. You can put it in your bag or car with no worried.

Dishwasher Safe

Without worrying about the washing up, it’s the dishwasher’s problem now. What you should do is sit back and relax.

Important Tips:

1.Please DO NOT overfill. Do not exceed the level of the “Max” Fill line.

2.Add liquid when blending, liquid : ingredient = 1 : 1, if you want to blender frozen fruits, please make sure they are cut small enough.

3. Don’t continuously operate the unit for 1 minute at a time, waiting 3-5 seconds do the next.

4. Mix the water a few times before first use to eliminate the odor generated by the engine.

5. Make sure that the bottle is locked, the machine will not work unless it is locked to the correct position.


  • Rated power: 500W
  • Rated voltage: 220 ~ 240V, 50 ~ 60Hz
Package Included:

1 * Motor Base

2 * 600ml Portable Bottle with Anti-slip Sleeve

2 * Travel lid

1 * 200ml Grinder

2 * Blade Sets

1 * Instructions

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