Duronic Projector Screen TPS60 /43 60" Portable Tripod Projection Screen Brilliant Matt White (Screen: 122cm (W) X 91cm (H) 4K / 8K Ultra HDR 3D Ready

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Duronic TPS Tripod Projection Screen 60" / 4:3

Because of their convenience, quality and versatility, projector screens are becoming a popular choice over television screens in the home, office, school or just about anywhere.

This is one of our most popular transportable projector screens which is a great piece of equipment for office presentations and meetings. No need for hanging, fixing or installing as it uses a tripod to stand on the floor. Compared to desk screens, the tripod screen saves on much needed desk space while also being able to be placed against the end of the table/desk for easy viewing and interaction.

Alternatively, it can also be used without the tripod and instead installed on the wall.

The Duronic Tripod Projector Screen is incorporated with a built-in casing which protects it when closed and opens to allow you to erect the screen at any location you wish. This is ideal for someone who travels from office to office and requires a transportable screen that can display their presentation effectively and clearly.

Our TPS projector screens are made from durable double-sided canvas with a +1 gain factor which will display with a clarity and high resolution that won’t disappoint. Suitable for 3D and HD imaging you’ll find using our projector screen will enhance your viewing experience and will display anything you need to clearly and with ease.

To assemble the tripod and screen is an easy task and will be described in detail with its accompanying instructions manual. Please see below for some information on the assembly.

What makes this Projection Screen different from our others is that it can be free-standing OR wall mounted, adding to its versatility and uses. To make it highly transportable, the tripod has a handle for easy carrying and the screen rolls up into the casing. This can be stored upright on the tripod or separately.

Duronic’s Full Range of Projector Screens:

APS / Attachable Projector Screens: These screens are attached to the wall with a hook&loop fastening.

BPS / Bar Projector Screens: These screens can be hung in two ways (either by one fixed point or two), and can be rolled up for easy storage.

DPS / Desk Projector Screens: These screens are smaller than your standard screens, are highly portable and can be erected on a flat desk or table.

EPS / Electric Projector Screens: These screens are operated via an electric switch, they also roll up into the casing.

FPS / Floor Projector Screens: These screens come in a portable case, erects on any flat surface and can easily be set up and dismantled.

MPS / Manual Projector Screens: These screens operate via a pull-down function, they also roll up into the casing.

TPS/ Tripod Projector Screens: Highly portable, erects on any flat surface with its tripod legs.

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