Einhell 4501761 GE-LC 18/25 Li Power X-Change 18V Cordless Chainsaw | 10 Inch (25cm) OREGON Bar and Blade Chain | Solo Chain Saw, 25.0*23.0*48.0 cm

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Powerful Power X-Change cordless chainsaws from Einhell

This battery version is much quieter and requires less maintenance than petrol chain saws. It also makes strong-smelling exhaust fumes and petrol smells a thing of the past.

Battery and Charger is not included, please purchase separately at our store.


Toolless chain tensioning

The chain saw can be easily tensioned without special tools. The right chain tensioning is essential for perfect cutting results


Automatic chain greasing

The chain is completely automatically provided with grease when in use. This ensures maximum life cycle of the sword and the chain.


OREGON components

Quality swords and chains from OREGON ensure effortless sawing, perfect cutting results and long durability.


Safety devices

Together with an instant chain brake, the chain catch pin, and the hand guard, kickback protection ensures maximum safety.

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