Frizzlife MWT3 Pressure Mini Water Tank for PD400, PD500, PD600, PX500, PX500-A, 0.13 Gallon Small Pressuized Storage Water Tank for Tankless Reverse Osmosis System G2, P600,G3, with 1/4" Ball Valve

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About this item

  • [Innovative Solution for Tankless RO systems] The tiny water storage tank is specifically designed to effectively solve the inherit drawbacks of tankless RO systems: a) occasional pulsing of the system caused by unstable water pressure, especially when it is connected to a refrigerator or long distance point of use. b) initial time lag of water output of tankless reverse osmosis system.
  • [Super Easy to Install: Following clear user manual, the mini water tank is super easy to be installed with 1/4” quick connect design. Simply cut off your outlet water line of the RO system and insert the tank in between the cut. The package includes a blade, a 3 way quick fitting, a ball valve, a tank, and a tank base. Everything needed for installation is included.
  • [Durable & Guaranteed]: The stylish small water storage tank in black has been rigorously tested for tank integrity, pressure resistance, durability and material safety. It is warrantied for 1 year of usage.
  • [Premium Quality and Safe] Made by 100% food grade materials, the mini tank is fully recyclable, 100% safe to preserve effective amount of water. Although at pocket size, it’s sturdy and strong enough to persist to high pressure.
  • [Water Storage Tank Dimensions]: The mini water tank (4.5” x 4.5” x 8.3”) caters to the design concept of tankless reverse osmosis system which is compact and sleek enough to fit under almost all of the kitchen sinks. Perfectly fits for G3, G2, P600, RO500, KFL-X6, D6, PL400G, CUW4, tankless RO systems.

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