George Foreman 25810 Medium Fit Grill - Versatile Griddle, Hot Plate and Toastie Machine with Improved Non-Stick Coating and Speedy Heat Up, Black

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medium fit grill

George Foreman Medium Fit Grill 25810

The Medium Fit Grill is on your side whenever you’re short on space or time. With a Speedy Heat-Up, the grill has a 160 Times Faster Heat Up^^ . And thanks to its Non-Stick Coating, you can grill up flavoursome favourites without your food sticking to your grill.

^^vs conventional electric oven grill set at 230 degrees

30% space saving

30% Space Saving^

The Medium Fit Grill has a 30% Space Saving^ Storage Solution - without sacrificing the size of the grill plates.

^vs 18471 based on overall height

160% faster heat up

160% Faster Heat Up^^

From switch on to plate in under 6 minutes*

^^vs conventional electric oven grill set at 230 degrees

*Based on grilling 15% fat burgers (113g)

2x easier to clean

2 x Easier to Clean**

**vs your conventional electric oven grill. Tested at room temperature and cleaned with a damp cloth

88% less energy

88% Less Energy*

It uses 88% less energy than a conventional oven grill*

*During unit preheat and grilling of beef burgers at 217 °C

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