Kärcher K2 Compact Pressure Washer

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  • Ideal for cleaning delicate surfaces such as car or harder surfaces such as stone and brickwork
  • The lightweight design makes the machine easy and convenient to transport
  • The integrated suction tube allows detergent to be applied to any surface being cleaned
  • Trigger gun, hose and lance can all be stored neatly on the machine
  • 2 years Guarantee


The Kärcher K2 compact pressure washer is lightweight and can tackle any outdoor cleaning task. Whether you are looking to gently clean delicate paintwork on your car or need to remove stubborn dirt from a hard surface, the K2 compact is up to the task. The machine is compact enough to be stored in a shed or transported in the boot of the car. The K2 compact is easy to carry and use, with the cables, hose and accessories all storing neatly on the machine. The K2 compact pressure washer comes with a trigger gun, a one-way lance and a dirt blaster lance that delivers outstanding cleaning performance. There is also a 4 m high pressure hose to give you plenty of reach and a detergent suction feature for easy application of detergent while you are cleaning.



Kärcher K 2 Compact Pressure Washer

The Kärcher K 2 Compact pressure washer may be small, but it's robust enough to handle anything from gentle cleaning to tackling tough patio dirt.

Whatever your outdoor cleaning tasks for the day, the One Way lance and Dirt blaster lance make it easy to achieve sparkling results with the K 2 Compact.

Small but perfectly formed, this model won't take up much room in your garage or shed, and the hose, cables and lances are neatly stored away on board to keep everything close to hand.

Karcher K 2 Compact Pressure Washer

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