BDBKMG Muscle Massage Gun Deep Tissue,30 Speeds Handheld Percussion Massager, LCD Touch Screen with 6 Massage Heads for Muscle Tension Relief

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  • 【Professional Deep Tissue MASSAGE GUN】: BDBKMG professional handheld MASSAGE GUN uses percussion therapy to relieve muscle soreness and accelerate recovery, which efficiently helps relax your stiff muscles, breakdown knots, boost blood flow or prevent DOMS, to increase your flexibility, extend your range of motion. Gives your professional relaxing massage experience, Anytime, Anywhere.
  • 【30 Adjustable Speed Levels】: The High-torque Motor produces max 3300 powerful strokes per minute to reach tissue up to 12 mm deep, which penetrates deeper muscle groups and loosen its fascia, provides deep tissue muscle relief. The user can choose speed based on your muscle group and your own preferences. All of this allow you to adjust speed and use different head to have a relaxing massage experience or effective therapy from your neck to your lower back and down to your feet.
  • 【6 Replaceable Heads】: This Deep Tissue muscle MASSAGE GUN is equipped with 6 different shaped massage heads to help the users to relax different body parts. Round -- For large muscle groups such as arms, back,hips,thighs,calves,etc ; Bullet -- For impacting deep tissues such as meridians,joints,palms and soles ; U-Shaped -- For neck,spine and Achilles tendon ; Flat -- For full body ; Thumb -- For the palm of hands ,soft tissue ; Wedge -- For shoulder blades, IT bands, lower back.
  • 【Ultra Quiet Operation & Portable Design】: Adopt powerful 12V brushless high-torque motor and noise reduction technology, BDBKMG MASSAGE GUN runs very quietly below 45DB. You can use this powerful but ear-friendly massager at home, gym without disturb others. The ergonomic single-hand grip with rubber non-slip coating, minimizes external vibrations, no wobble at the handle. Come with a practical carrying case to keep all parts in perfect condition and make them more portable when traveling
  • 【LCD Touch Screen & Long Battery Life 】: Upgraded to LCD liquid crystal touch screen, touch button, accurately control frequency. You can know how much power and what gear you are working on intuitively.Equipped with 1500 mAh high quality rechargeable lithium battery, the working time after charging can be up to 2 to 4 hours

Why choose Our Handheld Muscle MASSAGE GUN?


  • Our percussion MASSAGE GUN is a percussive vibration device to improve the body's overall performance. Helps improve blood circulation, relieve muscle stiffness and soreness, breakdown knots, prevent muscle damage and reduce lactic acid level.
  • Improve muscle strength and enhanced muscle recovery, relieve muscular tightness, and reduce the physical stress placed on bones and joints. Warming up muscle tissues and improving elasticity.
  • Use after workout to reducing muscle fatigue, soreness, muscle spasms and alleviates muscle pain. Perfect for office sedentary crowd, Athletes, Elderly.
  • Professional MASSAGE GUN

    Enjoy Your Professional Relaxing Massage, Anytime, Anywhere !


    • Offering 30 intensity levels and 6 massage heads to let you decide how you want to treat your different muscle groups.
    • Comes with 12mm depth support, and provides about 40-45 pounds of force for an optimal deep tissue massage.
    • Run up to 4-6 hours on a single charge, It should work for a week after a single charge.
    • With noise reduction technology and precision cutting components, this massage gun runs at about 35-45 db.
  • 12V brushless high-torque motor
  • 6 massage head attachments
  • 30 adjustable speed levels
  • 1500mAh rechargeable batteries
  • Brushless High-Torque Motor


    • This muscle MASSAGE GUN delivers 1200-3300 strokes per minute with adjustable 30-intensity power level, which make it suitable for users of all fitness level.
    • Vibration Depth 12 mm


      • The vibration of the MASSAGE GUN is 12 mm, which has a better therapeutic effect. After intense training, pain can be effectively reduced. Speed up the repair of injured muscle tissue. Promote blood circulation
      • Long-Lasting Battery Life


        • Equipped with 1500 mAh rechargeable battery, this cordless percussion massager gives you 4-6 hours of use per single charge. It should work for a week after a single charge
        • Automatic Heat Dissipation


          • This deep tissue MASSAGE GUN has excellent heat dissipation, which can effectively reduce the damage to the machine, extend the use time, and reduce the probability of product failure
          • LCD Touch Screen


            • Design with LCD easy touch screen. Specially designed LCD touch display control, touch button, accurate display speed, remaining battery and switch control. It is more convenient to adjust speed and charge battery
            • Exquisite Portable Case


              • Our MASSAGE GUN equipped you with a portable exquisite suitcase which is large enough to hold the MASSAGE GUN and all its accessories so that you can carry it when you go travel
      • What You Get:


        • 1 x MASSAGE GUN
        • 6 x Massage Heads
        • 1 x UK Charger
        • 1 x User Manual
        • 1 x Carrying Case

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