Sensio Home Snow Cone Maker Machine, Crushed Ice, Slushie Cocktail Maker Shaved Ice Machine with 2 Reusable Slush Cones and 2 Dispensing Syrup Bottles

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  • 💖 (HOMEMADE SNOW CONES YOUR KIDS WILL LOVE) -- When you need to make fruity slushies at home there’s no substitute for a Sensio Home Slushie Maker. It will be in nearly constant use throughout the summer as a way to create satisfying and delicious treats for the kids. Or it can also function as a fun cocktail maker for the adults.
  • 👌🏼 (QUICKLY TURNS ICE INTO FLAKEY PERFECTION) -- This Shaved Ice Maker works efficiently and quietly to transform a few normal ice cubes into lovely slush form. With 2 reusable snow cone cups, you can dispense directly into the cups for double the servings. Also includes 2 syrup bottles so you can serve 2 of your favourite flavours instead of just 1. As well as snow cones for kids, you can make cocktails for adults, fund for all the family!
  • ✔️ (MINIMAL SET UP & CLEAN UP REQUIRED) -- Here’s how easy it is to set up: fill the top with ice, close and turn the lid and then let it go to work. Afterwards, use the included syrup bottles to add your choice of syrup directly to the cones so the slushy maker doesn’t need much cleaning up at all. Your kids on the other hand may be the ones who get all sticky and messy.
  • 🎉 WONDERFUL TREATS FOR ANY THEMED PARTY) -- Planning on making slushies for more than a couple of people? All you need to do is place a large bowl underneath. Making it perfect for any birthday party or garden party. We’ve even included 2 reusable cones to get you started!
  • 💯 (A SWEET 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE) -- Whether you’re buying this for your family or as a gift you will be happy to know that we stand behind every Sensio Home Slushy Maker. If for any reason it doesn’t perform as expected then we will do everything we can to make it right. We mean it when we say we put the customer first.



Product Description


A Snow Cone Machine That You Can Rely On

There’s nothing more refreshing, and memorable, than a nice fruit slush on a warm summer day. So why not bring that lovely experience home with you?

The Sensio Home Double Slushie Maker churns out little cones of slush just how you like them. Making any occasion a bit sweeter when you turn on this fabulously consistent shaved ice machine.

Your Favorite Slushie Treats In Seconds

Seizing the moment has never been easier. As soon as you fill up the shaver bowl with ice cubes and press down on the lid the magic starts to happen.

Before you know it your snow cone is full of beautifully crushed ice. What’s even better is once the ice cubes are dispensed it automatically turns off.

All You Need To Do Is Wipe Up

Cleaning up is very simple since the only ingredient you are pushing through the machine is water (syrup gets added to the cone). Which doesn’t require more than a quick wipe.

The messiest bit might be your kids faces… but that’s what you might expect when they are really enjoying a yummy treat.

Great Addition To Any Party

When you remove the individual cup holder this machine becomes more than a single serving device. All you need to do is place a bowl beneath it and let the party begin.

It’s not only fabulous for the kids but adults as well. Use the crushed ice to make cocktails (or mocktails) like pina coladas, mojitos, and spiked iced tea.

The Perfect Gift For Your Family & Friends

What makes this such an awesome gift is our 30 day return option. Meaning you don’t have to worry if anything goes wrong because we will take care of it.

Stop waiting already! Grab a Sensio Home Snow Cone Maker while we still have them in stock.

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