Tassimo Chai Latte Coffee Pods - 5 Pack (40 Drinks)

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  • A SWEET AND SPICY DRINK; This delicious Chai Latte blend will instantly transport you to your favourite coffee shop and is an irresistible afternoon treat.
  • ONE POD IS ALL YOU NEED. Fill the tank with water and open the brew head. Place the pod into the machine and press the button to enjoy!
  • BRINGING JOY TO EVERYDAY MOMENTS Tassimo has a huge range for you to discover. Whether it’s a creamy latte, delicious cappuccino or intense espresso. We brew it perfectly at the touch of a button!
  • TASSIMO DELIVERS CONSISTENTLY DELICIOUS QUALITY DRINKS. Our beans have quite a journey before ending up as your tasty coffee. From the bean to the brewing we take care of everything to deliver your favourite coffee.
  • INTELLIBREW BARCODE TECHNOLOGY automatically adjusts the brewing time, temperature and amount of water to precision. Your favourite coffee. Perfect. Easy. Every time.

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