W-KING 30W Portable Wireless Speakers Waterproof, 24 Hours Playtime, 5000mAh Battery with Bass, NFC, TF Card, USB Playback, Loud Bluetooth Speaker

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Lightweight Portable Outdoor Speakers for Fun-Filled Moments 

Is it a garden, pool, vacation, beach, camping party or an on-road trip with your favourite buddies & friends? You can experience magical surround sound effects anywhere, anytime & in crisp bombastic audio with W-KING 30W Bluetooth Waterproof Speakers from FBA Discounts UK.

Equipped with Bluetooth technology, 100% Waterproof, Wireless & Cordless Extensive 24hrs of Nonstop Music Playback time, USB Playback Support, Long Duration 5000MAH Battery Powered, NFC & TF Card Playback Support, Inbuilt Surround Sound Tweeters & Woofers. 

W-KING 30W Bluetooth Waterproof Speakers features are modern & futuristic! Built to play nonstop music in crisp sound & audio!

Celebrate All Outdoor Moments with W-KING 30W Bluetooth Waterproof Speakers 

Light up Any Party with the W-KING 30W Portable Outdoor Speakers. The Bluetooth speakers have such user-friendly features that include:

  • Interactive Bluetooth Interface for Easy Operation
  • 30W Surround Sound Effect with Powerful Bass
  • User-Friendly Operational Functions
  • Play TF, USB & Media Files with Ease & Perfection 
  • Compatible with all digital devices in short range (mobile, tablet, phablet & laptop or desktop)
  • Portable & Lightweight at 1.6 kg (you hardly feel it in your arms)
  • 24 Hours Extended Playback Time (dispel boredom, invite fun!)

  • Multifunctional Buttons & Display (even children will love it) 

  • Waterproof Bluetooth (no matter the weather, music booms on nonstop)

  • Ergonomic Design for Outdoors (you can comfortably place it anywhere)
  • Detachable, Durable & Adjustable Handle Strap (for easy portability)

  • Black & Scratch Resistant Case Finish (keeps it looking new forever)

Whether in the car, home, office, garden, pool, camp, beach or vacation, turn every moment into sheer nonstop fun & music with the W-KING 30W Bluetooth Waterproof Speakers from FBA Discounts UK.  


Outdoor speakers have wattages ranging from 60 to 300 watts. For spaces less than 300 square feet, a pair of 60-watt speakers set 20 feet apart offers adequate coverage.

You may normally leave them in the cold if they are not exposed to moisture. If you have outside speakers that are permanently installed, it is preferable if you construct some shelter to protect them from the weather. Cold temperatures will not cause permanent damage to your speakers.

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