Wellue VisualBeat Chest Strap/Strap-Free Heart Rate Monitor, Bluetooth ANT+, 24h Heart Rate Tracing, 30 mins Waveform Recording, APP w ECG Function, Wireless Wearable HR Monitor with Vibration Alert

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  • ⭐Comfortable Chest Strap or Strap-Free Wear Way: 1. The adjustable soft chest strap makes carrying more comfortable. 2. Strap-free, no constrain to the chest, wearing with the electrode patches will be more convenient and provides a stronger and more stable signal. The lightweight feature gives you a carefree wearing experience. Always accurate during exercise.
  • ⭐ Accurate real-time heart rate with ECG: The heart rate monitor can not only track your heart rate continuously throughout the day, but also record your waveform for up to 30 minutes (click "Record" and stay on the dashboard interface). * Note that the EKG can only be monitored if you connect to the APP via Bluetooth. Please measure your ECG in the resting state. The maximum recording length is 30 minutes. If the recording time is less than 30 seconds, the recording is not saved.
  • ⭐Heart Rate Vibration Alarm : The built-in vibration alarm helps maintain the best heart rate zone (of your choice) during the workout. It vibrates every 10 seconds if your heart rate reaches the ideal heart rate (target 1) and vibrates every 2 seconds if your heart rate reaches the dangerous heart rate (target 2). Helps you achieve the best training results and health training routines.
  • ⭐Bluetooth 5.0 and ANT+ Connection: Connect VisualBeat to the free APP via Bluetooth(*For Android system to use Bluetooth, it requires your location permission), get real-time HR & EKG monitoring, Connect to your ANT+ compatible devices or equipment such as a smartwatch, check your heart data anytime and anywhere even without carrying a smartphone!
  • ⭐Smart Data Management with Memory: The built-in memory can store up to 10 data sets (total 30h). The data is automatically synchronized when the device is connected to the APP. Unlimited memory on the APP allows you to view your history report at any time. With one click you can share heart rate report as JPG and waveform report as PDF with doctors and Families. Note:Packaging upgrade, 2 kinds of appearance randomly sent. Please rest assured that the function of the product has not changed.




Product Description

heart rate monitor

How Visualbeat Keep You Healthy?

Always focuses on your health and fitness, VisualBeat delivers the medically accurate data you’d expect.

Continuous real-time heart rate tracking up to 24 hours achieves all-day monitoring. The device automatically transmits pro heart trace to your mobile APP and reminds in vibration for high heart rate, preventing irregular heartbeat problems (e.g. arrhythmia, heart pause, tachycardia & bradycardia, and premature ventricular contraction, etc.). EKG recording in APP provides expanded insights.

*Please let your doctor interpret EKG if you have a pacemaker

Before buying, there are two tips neccessarty to be read in case of any mis-understanding:

Please do remember to charge the device for the first time, or the device will not work without activation.

For the users of Andriod System please pay attention:


  • Permission required: It is Andriod System need your location to connect your device via Bluetooth(BLE). We will not keep track of your location in any way.
  • We need access your file storage to save your data. We will not access your any other information. Please MAKE SURE of ALLOW the access as per instruction of the steps during the first time when you connect to Vihealth APP so that you can enjoy the APP functionalities and capture real-time heart health data on your smartphone.



Train in Standalone Mode


  • Comfort


Wearing with the electrode patches, comfortable and stable. Special flexible material to perfectly fit your body. Even more accurate than traditional heart rate monitor.


  • Convenience


Don’t wanna carry your phone when exercising?

Just wear VisualBeat, leave your phone waiting and get going. Data will be automatically synced when connecting the mobile APP.









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