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  • FULL HD RESOLUTION WITH NON-INVASIVE NIGHT VISION:Real-time live-streaming and videos in 1080P / 20fps - 110° wide-angle lenses with 4x digital zoom – 8 infrared LEDs that are not visible in the dark for non-invasive night vision – The status light can be deactivated via the YI Home app (ideal for undisrupted sleep).
  • SMART ACTIVITY DETECTION WITH ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE - HUMAN DETECTION: Detects people in motion up to 20 fps - SOUND DETECTION: Detects sounds between 50 and 90+ dB (adjustable) – PUSH-NOTIFICATIONS & VIDEOS OF THE DETECTED ACTIVITY: Push notifications on your smartphone (adjustable frequency and sensitivity levels) with 6 seconds of video for each activity detected by the camera – OPTIONAL: CREATE ACTIVITY ZONES: Possibility to only get alerted when activity is detected within the set area.
  • POCKET-SIZED, ELEGANT, AND VERSATILE DESIGN: Small form factor camera (8cm x 12cm x 3cm, 120g) with a compact and adjustable support suitable for both standing on horizontal surfaces and for wall/ceiling mounting. Removable lens - SCHEDULABLE ON / OFF: The camera’s operating time can be scheduled for each day of the week - ADVANCED PRIVACY & SECURITY: Data Transmission via EU-based server with end-to-end encryption. Optional PIN code to securely access the camera livestream and settings.
  • TWO-WAY AUDIO: Talk and listen thanks to the built-in microphone and speaker. Supports both Intercom (only one party can talk at a time) and Hands-free (both parties can talk simultaneously) modes – TIME-LAPSE – Compress up to 6 hours of footage into a short 5-30 second clip. – WORKS WITH ALEXA ECHO SHOW: See the camera’s live-feed directly from your Echo Show screen with a simple voice command.
  • SECURE STORAGE ON YI CLOUD - Loop recording of all the videos of the detected activity via YI CLOUD (end-to-end encryption to fully protect the user’s privacy). Subscription plans for longer storage and recording options are also available - LOCAL STORAGE ON MICRO SD CARD: Supported Micro SD car



Product Description

YI Home Camera


Whether you want to monitor your home or business, keep an eye on your kids or parents or make sure your cute pets are behaving while you're away, YI Home Camera 1080 AI + is with no doubt the right solution for you!

Thanks to the integrated SenseLab chip of artificial intelligence, YI Home Camera 1080p AI + can detect humans in motion and distinguish them from other motions such as flying insects, small pets, or light changes. The advanced built-in sound algorithms also make the camera able to detect sounds between 50 and over 90 decibels (adjustable), such as a fire alarm, a window breaking, or people talking in a medium to loud voice. In both cases, the camera will send timely activity alerts (with adjustable frequency and sensitivity) straight to the smartphone.

The YI Home Camera 1080p AI + can transmit real-time footage of the monitored area in a clear and crisp Full HD resolution directly from the YI Home app. And thanks to the 110 ° wide-angle, the 4x digital zoom, and the non-invasive night vision (with 8 infrared LED lights not visible in the dark), you will never miss any detail, no matter day or night.

It seems incredible but these (and many other) functions are all enclosed in a peculiar, minimalist, sleek design of pocket-sized dimensions (only 12 cm in length for 120 grams of weight!) that sets YI Home Camera 1080p AI + apart from all the others indoor cameras out there.

And don't forget that, like all other YI cameras, YI Home Camera 1080p AI + supports optional Cloud storage with secure end-to-end encryption, to always keep your videos safe from loss, theft, or damage in full respect of the user’s privacy.

Stay safe, stay connected with YI Technology!

YI Home Camera 1080P-2


The integrated SenseLab chip’s artificial intelligence allows the YI Home Camera 1080p AI + to detect humans in motion at up to 20fps. At the same time, the camera will send timely activity alerts straight to your smartphone.

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