Pro Breeze 2500W Oil Filled Radiator, 11 Fin - Portable Electric Heater - Built-in Timer, 3 Heat Settings

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  • Powerful Heating: This 2500W oil filled radiator features 11 powerful heating fins which quickly and efficiently warm and circulate hot air throughout your home, office, bedroom or living room.
  • 3 Heat Settings & Adjustable Thermostat: A fully adjustable thermostat and 3 heat settings of 2500W, 1300W and 1200W allow you to find and maintain the perfect room temperature.
  • 24 Hour Timer: Improve energy efficiency and lower your energy bills by selecting when you want the heater to run - wake up or return to a cosy warm room without heating your entire home.
  • Advanced Safety: Built-in overheat protection, safety tip-over switch and automatic thermal shutoff ensure the radiator instantly switches off in any unsafe situation.
  • Portable: Pre-assembled and fitted with 4 easy-roll castor wheels, a carry handle and cable tidy, this heater is easy to move and store. Dimensions: 62.7 x 24.5 x 51.5cm
  • 3 Heat Settings

    Featuring 3 variable heat output settings, this high-efficiency heater provides total flexibility for reaching and maintaining the perfect temperature during winter and cold spells. In addition, the built-in thermostat will automatically regulate the temperature around the radiator for optimal heating.

    Built-in Safety Features

    Safety is of paramount importance with heating devices, and this is why the Pro Breeze oil filled radiator is fitted with 3 safety features:


    1. Overheat protection
    2. Safety tip-over switch
    3. Automatic thermal cut-off

      24 Hour Timer

      With the easy-to-use 24hr timer, you can set the radiator to automatically switch on or off at any time you desire during the day or night. This is ideal for use when nobody is at home - for example, turning off when you leave for work and back on again before you return home.

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