Einhell TE-JS 18 Li Power X-Change 18V Cordless Jigsaw | Battery Electric Saw To Cut Wood, Plastic and Metal | Solo Jig-Saw Tool With Angle Adjustment

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Switchable pendulum stroke for quick cuts

With the 4-stage adjustable pendulum stroke, the clamped saw blade can move not only vertically, but also horizontally. This increases the cutting performance of the jigsaw and the life cycle of the saw blade.


Quick and toolless saw blade changes

With the universal saw blade holder, saw blades with a T or U shank can be inserted into the cordless jigsaw quickly and without tools.


Robust saw shoe with plastic insert

An additional cutting line display can be added to the robust saw shoe for quick and precise free-hand cuts. It is also fitted with a material-protecting plastic coating so that coated board materials, for example, can be processed without scratches.


Ultimate safety when sawing

The integrated LED light and the practical dust blowing function ensure an optimal view of the cutting area and the workpiece throughout sawing work.

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