Electric Heater, 2000W PTC Ceramic Portable Heater Fan, Timer, Remote Control, Thermostat

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  • ☀ 2000W OSCILLATING HEATER & 3 MODES ☀- Electric Fan Heater with 3 modes, you can choose 2000W High Heat, 1000W Low Heat, and Cool Air Function as you need. As well an automatic 60°oscillation mode for heating larger rooms and spaces,Advanced PTC ceramic heating elements provide faster, more efficient, longer, and safer heat transfer than traditional fan heaters.Perfect for keeping you warm this winter.
  • ☀ LED TOUCH PANEL & REMOTE CONTROL ☀- The electric heater can be controlled by both LED panel and remote control. The LED touch panel includes an indicator screen and control buttons (such as Temp, Timer, Modes, Oscillation, and so on), you can control it directly by touching the screen. Besides, this room heater also comes with remote control, you can easily operate the space heater in the distance when you feel too lazy or cold to get up from beds or sofa.
  • ☀ REDUCE ENERGY COSTS ☀- Thanks to the integral precision thermostat, which is accurate to within half a degree, the electric heater will stop heating when the ambient temperature exceeds the set value 3℃ to maintain your set temperature ,Ensure optimal heating and energy efficiency to saving you money on your heating bills. Suitable for up to a 25m2 / 70 m3 room.
  • ☀RESERVATION & 9HRS TIMER FUNCTION☀- You can set the timer from 1-9 hrs manually before going to bed and enjoy a comforting sleep with warmth.UPDATE Reservation Function, whether you come back from get off work or go to bed at night, you can warm your room in advance.The portable heater produces noise less than 48db, which is quite enough for most people to use in a bedroom while sleeping.
  • ☀SAFETY FIRSt☀- TIP-OVER PROTECTION, the portable heater will shut off if tipped over accidentally by your kids or pets.OVERHEAT PROTECTION, the heater fan will shut off when its heating temp over 65℃. Thirdly, the room space heater uses FLAME RETARDANT MATERIAL, it ensures the safety of your family when using this space heater.

    Deliver a Well-Timed Warm Breeze

    Built with a thermostat that monitors the environment, Our generates warm airflow that reaches and maintains your chosen room temperature, keeping you warm and comfortable during the cold weather. With a smooth 60° oscillation, the compact 22" high space heater projects even heat at a 20% wider heating range, perfect for your work area, living room, bedroom, and more.


    1. To avoid burns, do not allow bare skin to touch hot surfaces.

    2. To avoid overheating, do not cover the heater.

    3. Be careful when children or the elderly use heaters.

    4. Do not use this space heater near bathrooms, showers or swimming pools.

    3 Modes

    Designed with the function of high heat (2000W), low heat (1000W) and cold air (45W), the heater meets your needs in different situations.

    Fast heating & 60 ° oscillation

    Our PTC heater which can heat up quickly and can realize the 60 ° oscillation to heat evenly.taking the warmth to every corner of the room.

    Silent & Timers & Reservation

    The running noise of the heater is less than 40 DB, which is super quiet and won't disturb you when you work or sleep,No need to manually turn off the heater and also you can make a reservation to turn on it

    PTC ceramic technology

    Advanced PTC ceramic technology requires no preheating, this ceramic heater can quickly heat the air around you in just 3 seconds. PTC ceramic technology enables faster, safer and more efficient heating.

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