MYCARBON Heater Ceramic Space Heater Quiet 1500W Electric Fast Heating Thermostat Oscillating

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  • ☀ 2 Seconds Fast Heating Up: Our heater adopts the newest PTC ceramic heating tech, which puts out tons of heater to heat up small spaces in seconds, and ceramic heating will not produce the bad plastic or chemicals smell, also the warm air is more gentle, keep your air fresh, provides faster, more efficient, longer, and safer heat transfer than traditional heater fan.
  • ☀2 Power Settings & Temperature Control: Includes 1500W (high) and 900W (low) 2 power settings; Meanwhile, this space heater has unique 3 levels temperature control function, 18℃(Low), 23℃(Medium), 28℃(High), when the temperature is higher than the level you set, the smart heater will stop working, and when the temperature is lower than the level you set, it will automatically work again, it’s intended to ensure your safety and energy saving.
  • ☀Wide-angel Oscillation& Quiet Heater: with 60° oscillation to increase heat distribution range, avoid blowing straight for a long time, meanwhile efficiently warm yourself and your family, warm and comfortable. The noise of this ceramic heater made is lower than 55 dB, quiet enough for most people to use in a bedroom while sleeping.
  • ☀ Advanced Safety: The heater is made of flame retardant material to achieve zero fire hazard. Tip-over protection shut off heater when it's knocked over, overheating protection sensor ensure the heater instantly switches off in any unsafe situation, besides, the 12hours timer, set the warm time you need, perfect for houses have the elderly, kids and pets.
  • ☀Portable Personal Heater: Unlike the traditional big & heavy heater, this modern mini heater is only 1.5kg, the compact design and carry handle allow it to be easily transported to wherever you need, so small that you can place it on anywhere in your room, office, bedrooms, garages etc. Perfect for small space to warm.

    Circulate Comforting Heat for Your Home

    Is there anything more frustrating than coming home on a cold day and having to wait for warming up your place? What you need is a fast and reliable home heater that will turn your space nice and toasty in just a few seconds.

    This portable space heater from MYCARBON, which is here to cover all your needs and impress you with its fashion modern simplicity appearance and superior performance such as safe. fast heating time, quiet, timer, energy-efficient and so on.

    PTC Ceramic Heating Element


    • PTC ceramic heating element with convective air duct design, which could offer 2-sec heating up meanwhile takes advantage of high heating efficiency, no fire, and no oxygen consumption.
    • Compare with traditional heating materials such as heating wire and quartz tube, this PTC ceramic space heater is more energy-efficient.

      Tip-Over Protection

      The space heater will auto shut off when it tip-over. Ensure your safe use.

      Great for children, elder, or home has pets.

      Retardant Materials

      This heater's full-body made from retardant materials which prevent overheating and any unsafe behavior.

      Over-heat Protection

      When the temperature up to 75℃/129℉, the Over Heat Protection Setting will auto shut off the heater.

      Quiet Heater with Auto Oscillation Function


      • 60° Auto Oscillation


      This mini personal space heater allows 60° oscillation, this increases the heat range and makes heating more uniform.


      • Quiet Heater for Sleep


      It is specifically designed to enhance heat diffusion while keeping the sound at extremely low levels – which is ideal for sleep, study, working


      • 8 Hours Timer


      The innovative 8 hours timer function will allow you to program your heater and make sure that your home is warm when you need it to be.

      This portable heater is quiet when it runs, less than 55db low noise. Without annoying noise when you use it in the office or home.

      Especially suitable for office, living room, Children's room, study room, bedroom, shower Room and so on



      • This portable space heater cannot warm up a whole room, it is suitable for personal close-range use.
      • This heater can not be used when bathing, but you can put it on the washing table to warm the cold shower room before taking a shower, and take it out when showering.

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