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The award-winning HUE HD USB document camera and visualiser is ideal for video conferencing, streaming, teaching in a classroom or remotely, animating or working from home.

The camera has an HD native video resolution of 1280 x 720 (720p) and supports frame rates up to 30 fps. Video can be scaled down on lower resolution screens.

Its integrated microphone, together with manual focusing ring, will allow you to capture, stream and share high-quality video, audio and images with friends, family, colleagues, customers or students. The unique, flexible design is multifunctional, portable and built to last.

Compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux and Chrome OS. The camera is a Plug & Play* device so there is no need to install drivers. Simply connect it to your computer’s USB port and select it in any application that recognises a USB camera, such as QuickTime or the built-in ‘Camera’ apps for Windows and Chrome OS.

* Plug & Play means that the user does not have to configure the camera for it to work. The operating system will automatically detect it as a USB device. The user simply chooses which application they want to use (i.e. Zoom, QuickTime or OBS Studio) and selects the HUE camera from the available devices in its settings. The HUE HD camera does not come with any additional software to install.

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Integrated USB microphone

The camera’s built-in microphone is perfect for recording a music lesson, podcast, or gaming session as well as for distance learning, online classes, streaming or video calls with family and friends. The microphone features noise reduction/cancellation, a sampling rate of 8000/16000Hz and accuracy of <5 PPM.

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At school

This affordable teaching resource can be used across the curriculum, offering exceptional value for money. It is very popular with teachers, who use it in innovative ways to support the learning and development of their students both in class and remotely.

Share students' work for peer assessment, live marking, ‘what a good one looks like’ (WAGOLL) or demonstrate a technique or science experiment for the whole class. Record lessons, presentations and instructional videos. Create a content library for flipped learning, catch-up, revision and continual professional development (CPD).

With 360° rotation, the flexible USB camera can view difficult-to-capture angles, producing images and video which can be shared with a projector, interactive whiteboard or TV screen.

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