L'OR Espresso Splendente Intensity 7 - Nespresso* Compatible Coffee Capsules (Pack of 10, 100 Capsules in Total)

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L’OR Splendente espresso contains notes of citrus marmalade and nutty richness. Delivering a light zestiness contrasted with a classic smoothness that touches all of the senses.

L’OR Coffee Artists have blended a deliciously pleasant coffee that comes to life in an elegant brightness that tickets the tongue. A blend that feels comfortable and friendly, an instant favourite to be enjoyed any time.

L'OR is about delivering a captivating pleasure created just for you. Our espresso capsules are made from aluminum to provide you with an espresso that has a truly unforgettable taste. Aluminum is known to effectively preserve the aroma and the flavours of the coffee and now enables you to enjoy the intense taste of a L’OR espresso for a unique experience.

Take your tastebuds on a journey of flavour and enjoy a truly delightful espresso experience with L’OR Espresso Splendente.



Ground coffee in capsules

  • SPLENDENTE has a balanced flavor, with a confident aroma and elegant golden crema layer.
  • 10 capsules of 5,2gr (Net Weight: 52g) 10 packs = 520 g
  • 10 packs serving, 100 drinks in total.

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