FBA Discounts is a leading online marketplace for buying new home and kitchen electronics, appliances and accessories. Our catalogue includes private label and professional brands at up to 70% off.

We guarantee 100% authenticity of the items and take care of the delivery and the returns.

Our idea is simple and powerful. We want to build a marketplace where buyers can purchase premium products at the lowest price possible. Eliminate the middleman, buy directly from the supplier.

Why Shop at FBA Discounts?

We offer a wide range of high quality branded items. You can make a purchase using credit/debit card, or via PayPal. Our customer service team assists you in your buying journey and keeps track of your orders and payments. We ship using FBA service, the items are stored in a UK warehouse and ship directly to United Kingdom & Ireland; parcels arrive in 2-5 working days to UK, 3-7 working days to Ireland. We also provide free shipping on all orders. Making a return is as easy as placing your order. A hassle free return policy allows you to return items that you don't like.  Our store is perfect for your dropshipping business.


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