bigzzia 2000W PTC Ceramic Portable Cooling and Heating Fan with Timer and Remote Control Heater with LED Display

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  •  [THREE-IN-ONE HEATER] The portable heater with cooling air, warm air (1100 W) and warm air (2000 W) is ideal for year-round use. Three settings with ECO mode that can provide hot air in winter and a refreshing breeze in summer.
  • [PTC CERAMIC HEATING] The heater has a PTC heating element for faster and more efficient heating. It works with soft and comfortable wind and automatic constant temperature function. Heaters for home low energy
  • [DIGITAL CONTROL PANEL WITH AUTOTHERMOSTAT] Touch the LED ambient temperature and time display. You can easily and conveniently regulate the temperature from 10 to 30 degrees in various wind modes.
  •  [SAFETY AND IDEAL FOR LIFE] Intelligent temperature control ensures safety. And this heater has overheating and tilt protection. It stops working when tilted or tipped. The flame retardant plastic shell makes it safer and more reliable to use.
  •  [REMOTE CONTROL] Using the remote control: The key functions are basically the same as those of the control panel (without batteries).


    LED touch function panel, temperature is visible, operation is easy.


    Portable heater with Cool air, warm air(1100W) and heat air(2000W) is ideal for year round use


    Heater has PTC heating element for faster, efficient heating.Heater covers the area up to 30㎡

    Noise Level < 45 dB

    Stay with family member in cozy and warm environment, enjoy the time happily.

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