BLACK+DECKER 500 W Autoselect Scorpion-Powered Electric Saw Jigsaw and Prune with Kitbox, 3 Blades, 23mm Stroke Length, RS890K-GB

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BLACK+DECKER 500W Scorpion-Powered Hand Saw is an incredibly versatile hand saw, combining a saw, jigsaw and prune in one tool. Featuring Autos-elect Technology, it automatically selects the correct setting for the ideal results, every time, making swapping between applications hassle-free.

The saw delivers 0 – 2700 strokes per minute with the stroke length of 23 cm, resulting in cutting easily through various materials including wood, metal and plastic.

Thanks to Auto-select Technology you don’t have to worry about selecting the right setting. Simply select the application and the tool will automatically select the correct setting for the ideal result, removing the guess work from the application.


EASE OF USE - The saw features tool free push button blade change system allowing you to swap between applications quickly and easily, saving you time and energy on changing blades.

Extensive soft grip ensure user’s comfort, during prolonged use.

The patented steady shoe flips out so it can be rested against a branch when pruning, making it easier to cut through branches. When used in jigsaw mode, the shoe can be rested on the material, providing stability during the application.

DESIGNED TO BE VERSATILE - The tool is designed to be a versatile, combining a saw, jigsaw and prune in one. It cuts through a variety of materials, including wood, metal and plastic, it is also ideal for pruning branches. And thanks to the Auto-select technology, choosing the right setting to the application is simple and easy.

Ideal for a variety of applications, including rough cutting of timber in sawing mode, pruning trees and large shrubs in pruning mode, cutting pipes and conduit in sawing mode as well as detail cutting in jigsaw mode. One tool – many applications.

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