Bosch 06008B1072 Electric Leaf Blower and Vacuum UniversalGardenTidy (2300 W, collection bag 45L for blowing, vacuuming and shredding leaves)

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Bosch Electric Leaf Blower and Vacuum UniversalGardenTidy2300

The UniversalGardenTidy is the 3-in-1 garden vacuum for efficient clearing garden debris. This versatile gardening tool reduces the sound power level by up to 75%, producing a very low noise level of 99 dB (A) thanks to the ProSilence Technology. Blowing, vacuuming, shredding –switching between modes is fast and easy. Moisture-repellent Dirt Deflectors on the collection bag ensure water and debris are diverted to the ground. The garden vacuum has a metal fan that provides optimum performance for longer operating times, and its larger volute makes clearing blockages easy and safe. Enjoy flexible and efficient garden clearing with fully variable speeds in both blow and vacuum mode.

Technical details

  • Power input: 1600-2300 W
  • Blower Airflow speed: 165-285 km/h
  • Vacuum Vol flow rate max: 160 l/s
  • Shredding ratio: 12:1
  • Noise: 99 dB(A) (GSPL)
  • Collection bag: 45 litres
  • Weight (Blow / Vac): 3.4 / 4.7 Kg

Scope of supply

  • UniversalGardenTidy 2300
  • Support strap
  • Carton packaging

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