CEYOMUR Solar Wildlife Camera 4K 30fps, WiFi Bluetooth 40MP Trail Camera 120° Night Vision Motion Activated IP66 Waterproof with U3 32GB Micro SD Card

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CEYOMUR Solar WiFi Wildlife Camera CY95

-Want to set your trail cam up without having to constantly switch out the batteries?

-Distressed by the short battery life of your old wildlife cameras?

-Want to own crystal clear pictures and audible videos?

If yes, our CEYOMUR Solar WiFi CY95 will be a perfect choice for inexperienced users or tech savvy who love wildlife observation, wildlife photography or hunting.

- Tips:

1. Before your first use, charge the built-in rechargeable battery with the included micro USB cable and 5V wall outlet charger (not included) for about 8 hours.

2. The rechargeable battery may not work well in low temperatures/low sunlight conditions, it is recommended to use 4 high-quality AA Alkaline batteries (not included) as a backup.

3. When the wildlife camera is turned on, the power is supplied from the built-in battery by default.

4. The solar panel only charges the built-in battery. It does not charge the AA alkaline batteries or AA rechargeable batteries.

5. A U3 32GB Micro SD card is INCLUDED. The 4 AA backup Alkaline batteries are NOT INCLUDED in the package.

6. We recommend using a Class 10 or higher class Micro SD Card up to a capacity of 256GB.

7. This Garden Wildlife Camera is NOT a webcam, WiFi connection and APP control has range limits.

8. After you input the wifi password on your phone, the screen shows 'No Internet Connection' in WLAN setting. Actually, wifi has been connected. Just switch back to the App, and click "+". A live-view page will show up.

4k trail camera dual power

Dual Power Supplies & Innovative Body Design

The trail camera can be powered by the solar panel, the AA batteries, or a combination of both. You have the choice to install the backup batteries or not. The dual power sources help to extend the battery life and save your time/money on more batteries.

The solar panel is front-tilt mounted on the top of the wildlife camera, so it can prevent the lens and PIR sensors from rain to make sure it captures clear pictures and videos no matter the weather. The camouflaged body and lockhole design gives it an ultra-high concealment ability and safe data protection.


Smooth 4K 30fps HD Videos & Clear Audio Recordings

Compared with the most high-end wildlife cameras in the market, the CY95 solar powered wildlife camera exceeds in both video quality and battery life. The CY95 captures 4K HD videos with a frame rate of 30fps. You will feel the smoother motions of all captured wildlife.

With a premium microphone and speaker, this solar wildlife camera can record clear audio. Captured videos need minimum editing and, with real-time sound included, makes for excellent content.


Superb Image and Video Quality at Night

With the premium optical lens, an advanced image sensor, and 2 high-powered 850nm LEDs, this wildlife camera captures amazing nighttime wildlife moments with clearer and more vivid details.

Two high-powered LED lights provide a wider range of light. The brightness of the picture will be more uniform at night. The image will be with less noise and less vignetting.


Easy to Set up from your Phone

With the help of the App, you can adjust the camera position to get a better shooting angle. You can also adjust the settings all from your phone.

You can directly download the contents into your phone without needing to take down the camera. The larger the file is, the longer time the Wi-Fi transfer will take. As for large files such as 4K videos, we recommend using wired transfer which will be more effective.

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