DONYER POWER Convector Radiator Heater 2000W Room Heating with Adjustable Thermostat Black

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  • ※ Parameters:220~240V/50Hz, Size: 20.5” X 7.9” X 14.8”
  • ※ 3 settings in heating output:750W/1250W/2000W (Setting 1: 750W, Setting 2: 1250W, Setting 3: 2000W. Note: Setting 3 means both switches are turned on)
  • ※ Have two supporters , two wall-mounted holes on the back, free-standing and wall mounted(Fixings Not Supplied)
  • ※ Handles are designed on both sides for being portable.
  • ※ Overheating automatic protection in three levels: manual temperature control, automatic temperature control and fuse

    Room heating supply by convection:

    Based on the principle that thermal air is from bottom to top, this product is designed with convection heating. As featured with heat dissipation through air natural convection, it shows the cooler air enters the bottom of the heater and becomes thermal airflow quickly through the internal heating components before dispersing from the top of the machine and circulating in the room, to achieve the overall heating effect with efficient temperature increase and uniformity.

    Nickel-chromium heating wire

    It has high strength under high-temperature conditions and is not easily deformed or changed with the structure in high-temperature operation; it has a long life span and high heating efficiency with highly efficient heat dissipation in a large square.

    2 buttons for 3 heat settings

    2 buttons for 3 heat settings adjustment to control temperature; the chip for intelligent temperature control enables the machine to be shut off automatically after reaching the setting temperature

    Safe and secure

    The plastic materials of the convection heaters are all flame retardants, including two vertical supports and angles on the upper left and right corners, respectively;

    Anti-toppling protection: when the convection heater is knocked down, the overheating automatic protection will be started up before cutting the power off to stop the heater, avoiding some safety issues.

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