Duronic Hot Plate HP2BK, Table-Top Cooking. 2500W, Black Steel Electric Double Hob with Handles, 2 Cast Iron Portable Hob Rings 1500W & 1000W

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    Duronic Double Hot Plate HP2 BK [BLACK]

    A portable hotplate can be an indispensable appliance to have tucked away for when you are in times of need.

    Perhaps you’re having your kitchen renovated and want a break from microwave meals? Or your main cooker is not working, so you need a temporary solution. The Duronic HP2BK double hob is here to save mealtimes by letting you cook hot food when you need it the most. When you're done cooking, the whole unit is compact and easy to store away when you’re finished with it.

    Alternatively, this hotplate is a great appliance for small kitchens that do not have room for a standard cooker/hob as it will fit in nicely on the countertop and enable you to cook meal after meal with ease and convenience.

    Another use for this versatile cooking companion is as a camping hob. Take it along with you on camping breaks and road trips as a great alternative to the traditional camp gas cooker as it’s easier to clean and doesn’t require gas.

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