EarFun Free Pro Wireless Earbuds, Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth 5.2 Earbuds with 4 Mics, Stereo Deep Bass in-Ear Headphones, Wireless Charge, 32H

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    EarFun Free Pro
    EarFun Free Pro


    • What should I do if the earbuds can’t be charged?


    For the problem of earbuds didn't charge, we kindly suggest you use toothpicks or thin cotton swabs to gently clean the 2 contacts on earbuds from dust or wax and then rub them with clean napkins(better with alcohol). After you clean it, please place the earbuds in the charging case for 15 seconds to re-active them.

    Warm Tips: Sometimes earbuds can’t be charged because of the USB-C cable, we suggest you use another USB-C cable to see if it isn't the problem of the cable.


    • Why did the earbuds stops working?


    There are 2 situations: 1. Bluetooth connection problem; 2. Charging problem.

    In the first case, we recommend that you reset the earbuds, then delete the old connection from the Bluetooth device and reconnect "EarFun Free Pro".

    In the second case, we kindly suggest you use the thin cotton swabs to gently clean out the metal-like contacts, and then please press both earbuds with forces to eliminate earbuds' loose contact with the charging case.


    • Why is the volume of the two earbuds different, and the sound of one earbuds is getting smaller and smaller?


    This most likely the caused by the blockage of the dust protective filter of the earbuds port, we suggest you cleaned dust using tissue or cotton swab.

    Warm Tips: In order to avoid this situation, we recommended that you clean the dust filter once 3-5 days.


    • What should I do if the filter is off?


    Don’t worry, we will reissue 2 pairs of new dust protective filters for you. The new protective filter is sticky, you don't need to use extra glue. You only need to use tweezers to remove the protective filter and stick it on the earphones.


    • Why are earbuds still playing music in the charging case, without disconnecting?


    It may be the reason for the loose contact of the earbuds and charging case, we would suggest you press both earbuds several times, then cover the charging case and let both earbuds stand for 1 minute.


    • What should I do if earbuds cannot pair with any device or always disconnect Bluetooth?


    For connection problem, please try to reset the earbuds correctly as below:

    1.Place both earbuds into the charging case.

    2.Keep the charging case open, then touch and hold the button on each earbud at the same time for at least 10s until they flash in purple then earbuds have been reset successfully.

    3.Delete the old connection from the Bluetooth device and reconnect "EarFun Free Pro".

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