Sunvoy 2000W Electric Ceramic Vertical Space Heater with Smart Thermostat, Quiet, 60° Auto Oscillation, 3 Modes, Timer & Remote Control

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  • 【3 Working Modes & LED Display】-- Sunvoy fan heater comes with 3 adjustable temperature modes to fit your heating preferences, you can choose from Fan -- Natural Wind(25W), Low -- Warm Wind(1000W) or High -- Hot Wind(2000W) in different weather and temperature. Digital LED display clearly shows the current ambient temperature, and you also can set up through the touch button.
  • 【Smart Thermostat & Remote Control】-- The biggest Surprise is that our vertical heater has an Smart thermostat control function, which allow the heater turning on/off automatically by comparing the room tempreture with setted tempreture, to achieve a comfortable temperature environment and save energy. When you are lying on a bed/sofa and feel the temperature is too high/low, you can directly set it with the remote control and it's very convenient.
  • 【Efficiency 2S Fast Heating】-- With advanced PTC ceramic heating element, Sunvoy space heater can fast heat up in 2 seconds(Max 2000w power), which is more faster and energy saving than other traditional heaters. The fan heater can swing and oscillate 60° make larger wind blowing range, it will drive away chill and keep you staying warm and comfortable in every corner of your room during those frigid days! Fit for use in bedroom, livingroom and office, etc,.
  • 【Timer & Reservation Function】-- 9 hours timing function helps auto turn off the power once the set time is reached. The surprised reservation function can set to turn on the device in advance, warming your room before you arrive at home or office. Our heater built-in Flame-resistant & durable V-0 material, Overheat Shut-off and Tip-over Shut-off protection sensor. If the heater fall off or overheats, the device will auto cutting off the power to keep you and your family safe.
  • 【BEST GIFT FOR WINTER】-- Ultra-quiet design that will not interfere with your rest, work or if you have a conversation. Measuring 18*18*62cm, you can place it on anywhere in your room or office; designed with a hidden handle for easy moving around, giving you a warmer winter. 💓 We are committed to provide good quality and service to all customer, if you have any problem, please contact us directly, we'll help you solve it, thanks!💓

    Sunvoy Ceramic Vertical Space Heater

    ‖ Smart Thermostat ‖ Natural Wind & Hot Wind ‖ 2000W High Power ‖

    ** Circulate Comforting Heat for Your Room!

    ** Adopt the heating body with high thermal efficiency and stability, and uses the fan to realize convective circulation, which can quickly transmit the heat generated by the heating unit to the room, so as to achieve the ideal heating purpose.

    ** Ideal for your Home, School, Office, or any personal space that you need an extra level comfort.

    ** Adjustable Thermostat

    The room heater's adjustable smart thermostat system can according to the thermostat setting let your room remain a comfortable temperature, and also save energy.

    Provide You With Warmth & Comfort Throughout All Winter

    ** Selectable 3 Modes

    Fan -- Natural Wind -- 25W

    Low -- Warm Wind -- 1000W

    High -- Hot Wind -- 2000W

    <<< The portable indoor heater provides effective and consistent warmth. It can efficient heat into every part of the room that needs constant heat in cold weather. and also can be used in summer to provide natural wind.

    ** Smart Thermostat

    <<< With the integrated precision thermostat, the heater will stops heating when the ambient temperature exceeds 3°C of the set temperature.

    <<< Automatically turn off and on to maintain the temperature you set. Compared with traditional heater, ours consume less power, which greatly saves electricity bills.


    -Please read the instructions carefully before using the heater

    -Please do not touch the protection net when it is working, and keep away from at least 10 cm.

    -Please not touch the surface of the heater after turning on to prevent burns. Especially for children and pets, do not let them get close to the heater.

    PTC Ceramic Heating Element

    -- PTC ceramic heating element makes the space heater fast heating in 2s.

    -- Secure and high-efficiency. Low energy conversion loss, more energy saving.

    60° Automatic Rotation

    -- 60° oscillation makes the heater offer warm breeze widely and evenly. It can circulate warm air around you, thoroughly and efficiently warming up your surroundings.

    Timing & Reservation Function

    -- 9 hours timing function helps auto turn off the power once the set time is reached. The surprised reservation function can set to turn on the device in advance, warming your room before you arrive at home or office.

    Remote Control

    -- You can easily control the heater or other functions with a remote control when you are lying on the bed or sofa. You don’t have to walk over to set the heater in the cold winter.


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