HUE HD Pro USB document camera for Windows, macOS and Chrome OS (Blue)

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    The award-winning HUE HD Pro USB document camera and visualiser for video conferencing, teaching in a classroom or working from home.

    The built-in LED lights and microphone, together with the manual focusing ring, will allow you to capture, stream and share high-quality video, audio and images with your students, family or business customers and colleagues.

    The camera has a solid, robust design that is built to last whilst being light and portable. Compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux and Chrome OS, it works with any application that recognises a USB camera.

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    See the big picture in Full HD (1080p)

    Use the multi-purpose HUE HD Pro for making promotional and instructional videos, classroom and distance learning, live demonstrations, support and video conferencing. Whatever you're doing, the image and sound quality are always crisp and clear.

    The camera has a Full HD native video resolution of 1920x1080 (16:9 1080p). Its video can be scaled down on lower resolution screens.

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    Full HD 1080p resolution

    Red Pro portable 300px 1px border

    Easy-to-use and portable

    Manual focus

    Manual focus and magnification

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    High-quality integrated microphone and LED lights

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    At school

    Share students' work and experiments for peer assessment, demonstrate a technique or record lessons and presentations.

    The strong, flexible USB camera captures high-quality images and video which can be shared via a projector, interactive whiteboard or TV screen.

    The easy-to-use bundled software requires no training.

    The HUE HD Pro is an affordable teaching resource which can be used across the curriculum, offering exceptional value for money. It has become a must-have product for teachers, who use it in many innovative ways every day to support the learning and development of their children both in class and remotely.

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    At school

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    At home

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    At work

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    At play

    HUE Intuition software

    HI flower 970x600px


    • Take snapshots manually or using one of the automated capture modes.
    • Record audio and video.
    • Annotate live video and images with text, drawings and shapes.
    • Flip the camera feed horizontally and vertically.
    • Save captured images and video to your computer.


    Note: The HUE Intuition software is only compatible with Windows and macOS. A Chrome OS/Linux-compatible browser app is currently in beta testing.

    The software includes a perpetual single user licence for installation on multiple devices.

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