INFANTINO 3 in 1 Projector Musical Mobile - table and cot light and projector, with wake up mode, complete with 6 melodies and 4 nature sounds

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  • Design: Helps babies and toddlers feel safe at night so that they sleep soundly, featuring Auto-Off and Sleep Modes to lull baby to sleep as well as Wake Up mode to simulate daylight
  • Developmental benefits: 3 cute detachable hanging characters that engage baby to aid in eye tracking; complete with mirror, music and projector and shut-off timer for falling asleep
  • Adjustability: Grow with me projector mobile. 3 ways to keep baby engaged as they grow, as a mobile for their younger years, a cot light and projector as well as a table top light and projector
  • Cleaning and care: Easy to wipe clean
  • Special features: For good mornings and nights featuring volume control with mute function, music and sound selection, multi-color projection light show and night light, 3 x AAA batteries required
  • Assembly instruction: Place the protrusion of the base on the edge of the crib and the threaded post between two crib bars. Screw the nut onto the threaded post until the nut is flush against the wall of the crib and the base of the mobile is firmly attached. Attach the mobile to the arm and the arm to the base



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