Inventor Epic Vacuum Cleaner Bagless EP-MC78BS with HEPA filter (WEE/MM0449AA)

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  • BAGLESS WITH REMOVABLE HEPA FILTER : By taking advantage of cyclonic technology in combination with the HEPA filter, dust is separated and filtered with a 99.97% particle capturing potential, making this an ideal option for allergy sufferers.
  • CLEAN MORE WHILE EMPTYING LESS: The large dust bin of our EPIC-MC78BS, with a 3L capacity, allows for more cleaning with less frequent emptying, making vacuuming an everyday pleasant experience!
  • 4+ RATING : “A” rated on four category classes, Energy, Floor, Carpet and Emissions
  • EASY OPERATION: - 5 attachments are included to enable you to clean every part of your home with ease. Ideal for those with pets. Pet power brush attachment easily removes pet hair from carpets.
  • "Dedicated only to perfection, all Inventor products, stand far from competition due to their robust, stylish and innovative design. Our innovations in electric appliances is an everyday experience for people around the world. Via our devotion, to create superior products and services across all areas of expertise, we strive to enhance the quality of your living conditions. "

    After many years of focusing on controlling air quality and temperature of your household with great success, with our top-rated dehumidifiers, Air Purifiers and our Portable Air conditioners, we bring you our new series of vacuum cleaners, the “EPIC”, for a guaranteed dust-free environment.

    Our new Bagless EPIC Vacuum Cleaner, EP-MC78BS, is an ideal choice for getting the “dirty work” done!

    Vacuuming the house doesn’t have to be a boring necessary chore. Yes, it can be tiresome, but imagine being able to power through every room quickly with ease, making this, surely, a positive experience.

    The EP-MC78BS model is a powerful, multi-cyclonic cylinder, with not just 2 but 6 cyclones that actively contribute to keeping the smallest dust particle, for strong performance on all floor types, with a 4+ rating. Its large 3L dust bin capacity allows for more cleaning and less frequent emptying and the compact design makes it easy to store and carry. The additional accessories are perfect for cleaning stairs, upholstery and for homes with pets.



    • 4+ Rating: “A” rated on four-category classes, Energy, Floor, Carpet, and Emissions
    • Lightweight at 5.5kg turning cleaning into a truly enjoyable experience!
    • Large 3L maximum capacity for less emptying up to x5 bigger than many other bagless vacuums.
    • Powerful Suction: Rated at 850W
    • 6m retractable power cable: with a radius of operation up to 8 meters!
    • Brush for pet hair and parquet: Very efficient for pet hair, with necessary brush
    • Extendable metal tube: For easy cleaning
    • Deluxe Handle Assembly


    Includes a fully integrated set of accessories:


    • Parquet brush
    • Turbo brush for Pet hair
    • Crevice Nozzle
    • Furniture Nozzle
    • Dust Nozzle


    Inventor... "discover technology"

    Bagless for easy emptying

    The 3L capacity bin can be emptied with a single click! With Inventor's advanced and easy drainage system, you will ensure proper maintenance of the unit and spectacular results in the performance of your vacuum cleaner!

    6m retractable power cable

    Cleaning your home is now easier than ever. The 6m power cable along with the telescopic pipe gives you 8m of confortable and easy cleaning range!

    The extra long vacuum cleaner cable helps you clean your home without interruption, reducing the number of times you need to unplug the vacuum cleaner in order to continue wiping!The powerful fan, whose existence helps to draw in the dusty air and rotate rapidly like a centrifuge, is a key feature of cyclonic technology. The dust is separated from the air and trapped by the rotation of the dusty air and collected in the bin, which should ideally be emptied after each use. The non-existent bag helps the device to have a steady flow of air to always give spectacular cleaning results to your space.



    • Parquet brush (for wooden floors and tiles)
    • Turbo brush for Pet hair (for stairways & surfaces that are difficult to clean. Particularly suitable for removing pet hair)
    • Crevice Nozzle (For angles & and areas that are difficult to reach)
    • Furniture Nozzle (for cleaning cloths and sofas etc.)
    • Dust Nozzle (for dusting shelves, furniture etc.)

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