RENPHO Neck and Shoulder Back Massager with Heat, Shiatsu Electric Massage Deep Tissue 3D Kneading for Relief on Muscles

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RENPHO Shiatsu Neck Massager with Heat

Neck and shoulder problems affect people of all ages. Improper sleeping positions or poor postures at work are some of the causes of soreness. But persistent soreness can be alleviated with stretching, exercise, or massage. This neck and shoulder massager can provide quick relief at home or in the office.

The RENPHO Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager has an ergonomic design making it fit perfectly to the neck, shoulders, back, waist, and legs. A high-quality motor and 8 deep kneading Shiatsu 3D nodes soothe and invigorate sore muscles. Suitable for most people to reduce aches, loosen stiff muscles, reduces stress, while saving you time and money.

RENPHO Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager - Your Personal Masseuse

8 Deep-Kneading Shiatsu Massage Nodes

8 rotation massage nodes work wonders to relieve aches, knots and muscle tension, providing you a deep kneading shiatsu massage experience.

Simulated Hand Kneading Massage

3D rotating massage nodes is designed to simulate real human hands, providing you a deep kneading effect that massages muscles thoroughly.

Auto shut off for safety

As a safety feature, the massager will auto shut-off every 15 minutes of continuous use. Simply restart the massager if it’s not too hot.

Durable Leatherette and Breathable Mesh

Durable Leatherette:Soft to the touch and easy to clean.

Breathable Mesh: Promotes heating and helps to cushion massage intensity while not inhibiting flexible movements of the massage nodes.

For Neck, Shoulders, Back, Legs, Feet, Muscles, and Full Body

Professional massage establishments can be expensive and time-consuming. Instead of making an appointment with a professional masseuse and spending a lot of time and money, the RENPHO massager can provide the equivalent relaxation at any given time for a fraction of the cost.

Neck Massage / Shoulder Massage / Back Massage / Abdomen Massage / Waist Massage / Legs Massage / Calves Massage

Soothing Heat Function

The heat function adds an extra touch of muscle-soothing intensity. Heat function can be turned on/off to your preference. (Up to 113°F/45°C)

Longer Strap Handles & Adjustable Intensity

The strap handles allow you to apply pressure and adjust the massager to target the areas hard to reach.

There are 3 selectable speeds (low, medium, high) which allows you to find the right amount of pressure.

Key points to note


  • It's not cordless. You need to fasten the wire to the shoulder and neck interface
  • You can add a towel while massaging to further reduce the intensity of the deep kneading massage.
  • If you have neck or shoulder concerns, please consult your doctor before using this neck massager.

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