Space Heater, Portable PTC Ceramic Heater, Electric Fan Heating with Overheat and Tip Over Protection

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ADJUSTABLE THERMOSTAT - The small portable heater can according to the thermostat setting let your room remain at a comfortable temperature with combined with an adjustable thermostat control, Also allows you to adjust the heater's 1500 watt ceramic heating element.
CERAMIC TECHNOLOGY - PTC heating element is the abbreviation of ceramic electric heating element, which is more stable than traditional heating element, heating quickly, safe and reliable. The heater has low thermal resistance, rapid heat exchange, automatic constant temperature, no redness on the surface of the electric heating tube heater, and can prevent burns, fires and other safety hazards. At present, it is an ideal electric heating component.
HEATING WITH 6 MODES - HEATING WITH 3 MODES: The heater has 3 settings, including High Heat, Low Heat, and Fan Mode(High Heat, Low Heat and Fan mode all with oscillating mode). You can choose the mode you need.
TIP-OVER PROTECTION AND OVERHEAT PROTECTION - The electrical heater quipped with an anti-tilt switch to switch off the machine if it is over returned, the design of “overheat protection” will switch off the appliance automatically in case of severe overheating, this design makes the machine safe to pets and children.
LOW NOISE TO USE - The noise of the heater is lower than 50dB level, the small space heater is absolutely quiet for use in the bedroom when falling asleep. High efficient to warm up space you need when studying, reading, working, and watching the movie without disturb.

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