Tefal DT7050 Access' Minute Dual Voltage Travel Garment/Clothes Steamer, Plastic, Blue & White

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Look Great Just in Time – Anywhere!

Keep your clothes looking great at home or on the road with the Tefal Access Steam Travel handheld steamer. Dual voltage (120V/240V) means you can use it anywhere in the world. Plus, at 24.5cm tall, it’ll fit in your suitcase. It even comes with a travel bag for easy storage.

Steam ready in 45 seconds, it pumps out 17g of steam per minute to relax creases and refresh clothes, fast. Whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure, Access Steam Travel will have you looking great just in time.

It’s got one simple steam setting that’s safe for all fabrics* and a 0.15L tank for up to 8 minutes of continuous use. Meanwhile, the flat base means you can set it down safely, without it toppling over. It also comes with three handy accessories: a door hook, a fabric brush and a steam bonnet.



The Ideal Travel Companion

Combining 120V/240V settings with a compact design, this handheld steamer is the ideal travel companion for removing creases on the go. Simply adjust the setting on the handle for the right amount of heat and steam to get the job done – wherever you are.

It’s small enough to pack and comes with a nifty travel bag. You also get a handy door hook: just pop it over the top of any door in your hotel or home and hang up your clothes for speedy steaming.



Presentable Clothes in a Flash

Garment Care on the Go

The Iron Age is over. Make Access Steam Travel your companion for garment care on the go. Steam ready in just 45 seconds, the Access Steam Travel clothes steamer will have you looking great just in time – no ironing board needed.

Save Time and Money

This handy clothes steamer combines 1100W of power with 17g/min continuous steam to smooth and sanitize clothes, relaxing creases and killing known bacteria in one go. So, as well as saving time, you’ll save money on dry-cleaning bills!


Safe Steaming

With just one steam setting, this Tefal steamer is safe to use on all ironable fabrics with no risk of burning.

Easy Refills

The removable 0.15L water tank makes for easy refilling and allows up to 8 minutes of continuous steaming.

No Constraints

Thanks to its long 2m power cord, Access Steam Travel gives you complete freedom of movement while steaming

Added extras

You also get a fabric brush for smooth results on thicker fabrics and a steam bonnet to protect delicates

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