TOPTRO Portable Projector Support Full HD 1080P, 8000 Lumens, 5G WiFi Bluetooth with Touch Screen Buttons Compatible with Smartphone, TV Stick, PS4

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Portable Mini Projector
WIFI Projector

5G/2.4G WiFi-Future Speed, Say Goodbye to Lag

Adopt the latest 5G WiFi chip to provide you with a more stable signal, wider coverage and faster transmission speed, get rid of the trouble of delay, and bring you the ultimate movie viewing experience.

Wireless Screen Mirroring, More Freedom

TR23 projector supports Android, iOS, Windows system on the same screen, watching movies, watching photos, online classes, playing games, working from home, small screen becomes large screen in one second, enjoy unlimited fun.

TOPTRO mini projector

Why do projectors need to be dust-proof?

1. The dust causes the brightness to drop, and the lens will gradually attenuate the color after dust accumulation;

2. The dust enters the optical machine and adheres to the optical components, and black spots appear on the screen;

The traditional projector adopts a semi-enclosed optical engine, while the TR23 wifi projector adopts a fully enclosed optical engine, with a sealed surface cover design, a sealed lens, and a sealed light source, so that you can completely get rid of the trouble of black spots, no need to clean the dust, and greatly improve the image stability of the projector.

Bluetooth projector

If you are planning an outdoor trip and want to carry a projector, TOPTRO TR23 projector is perfect because it can be held with one hand or in a handbag.

For example:

Say that you want to bring your projector to a friend’s house for movie night – or maybe you want to do an outdoor screening on a warm summer evening. With the TR23 outdoor projector, all that is possible.

Start your beautiful journey now.

Note: There is no battery inside the projector, please bring a mobile power device when using it outdoors.


TOPTRO TR23 Projector*1, Remote Control*1, 3-in-1 AV Cable, HDMI Cable*1, Power Cord*1, User Manual*1, Cleaning Kit*1

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