WindGallop Digital Car Tyre Inflator Air Tool Portable Air Compressor Car Tyre Pump Automatic 12V Electric Air Pump Tyre Inflation

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  • 【One used switch】: Connect the car's 12V tractor to the tires you want with the current rental mode of the show car. Switch between different (bar, Kpa, Kg/psi, 2). Default measurement. It takes a different time and effort than the actual measurement.
    【Fast Adoption】: Our digital tire inflator is original and unique in power more manufacturing, stronger, louder and louder. Accelerates from 0 to 35psi 5 in 195/65R15 vehicle tires. Get on and off for kids when it's convenient at the moment when tire pressure conditions are in place, and choose in a comfortable environment.
    【NEW FEATURE】: The trunk of a variety of car models can be easily carried by safety and body size, and one of them can be included for daily use at any time. It is very creative to send 3 valves, which is suitable for suitable cars and is very suitable for tire rims , cars, medium-sized SUVs, fitness equipment, swimming pool toys, sports and other sports toys, football.
    【11.8 feet long and area】: Each electric air pump has 3000±100 feet (10.0 feet) and 5000±20 mm (1.7 feet) long air lights to reach brightly. The LED lights can also be very convenient to use at night. Alert mode and SOS light mode can attract nearby people for help.

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