XP-PEN G640S V2 Graphics Digital Drawing Tablet 8192 Pen Pressure With 6 Shortcut Keys & for Signature osu!

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  • {Updated Version} XP-PEN G640S V2 is the updated version of G640S. Now it supports connections with Android devices 6.0 and above, Windows 10/8/7(32/64bit), Mac OS X version 10.10 or later, Chrome OS 88.0.4324.109 and above. .
  • {Application} XP-PEN G640S V2 is designed ready for OSU! gameplay, drawing, painting, sketching, e-signatures, and more. For OSU! gameplay, there is no need to install any additional driver. XP-PEN G640S ready for plug and play action. With the enhanced response rate of your stylus, you will never miss a beat. It is perfect both for beginners and intermediate artists.
  • {Stylus} The XP-PEN Battery-Free Stylus Pen is the perfect replacement for the traditional mouse! All our stylus pens require no charging, allowing for endless, uninterrupted drawing and gaming. A simple, one-click toggle button on the pen allows you to seamlessly switch between the pen and eraser functions. Features 6 x 3.75 inches of screen space that fully-utilizes our 8192 levels of pen pressure sensitivity. Experience even finer-tuned precision and razor sharp accuracy right at your finger!
  • {Portability} At 9mm thick, XP-PEN G640S V2 is slim for portability and easy on-the-go use. XP-PEN G640S is designed for both right and left hand users. Now comes with 20 replacement nibs. Allowing you to have more fun.XP-PEN G640S features 6 round customizable shortcut keys, housed right at your fingertips for quick access to customize and optimize your workflow.
  • {Compatibility} XP-PEN G640S V2 is compatible with most graphics software programs. Cross-compatibility is updated periodically through our driver updates.One year warranty, tech support for XP-PEN product.The 6 shortcut keys are surrounded by Polka dots, which makes the tablet stylish and outstanding.

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