ZeroWater Replacement Water Filter Cartridges, 5 Stage Filtration System Reduces Fluoride, Chlorine, Lead and Chromium, 8 x Filter

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About this item

  • ONLY NSF CERTIFIED FILTER TO REMOVE LEAD, CHLORINE AND CHROMIUM: ZeroWater water filter cartridges reduce 99.6 percent of all tap water impurities
  • FIVE STAGE DUAL ION EXCHANGE FILTER: The ZeroWater filtration system combines five sophisticated technologies that work together to remove virtually all dissolved solids from your tap water, delivering you great tasting water
  • FILTRATION SYSTEM: Ion Exchange system reduces more contaminants in your water compared to ordinary 2 stage filters
  • EQUIVALENT TO PURIFIED BOTTLED WATER: The FDA requires the TDS level in purified bottled water to reach between 000 and 010ppm. This filter is the ONLY filter in its class to achieve this level
  • ENJOY THE PUREST TASTING WATER: The amount of dissolved solids in tap water varies across the UK. Each ZeroWater filter removes 18 000 milligrams of dissolved solids leaving you with the purest tasting water. It is important to change your filter when the TDS meter reads above 006ppm

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