Bamboosang Document Camera X3, High Definition Portable Scanner, Capture Size A3, Multi-Language OCR, English Article Recognition, USB, SDK & Twain

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  • [A Multipurpose Scanner]The functions of video recording & real-time projecting make it suitable to work in various occasions, like making music scores or e-books, teaching, and meeting, etc. 【*Only supports Windows operating system(Win8 or above). *Not compatible with Mac OS.】
  • [Powerful Basic Functions]The Bamboosang portable scanner has a lot of powerful basic functions, including a 8 megapixel camera, scanning all files within A3, and LED fill light.
  • [Practical Software]The Bamboosang document camera has a number of functions using the latest technologies, such as intelligent continuous shoot, Optical Character Recognition (OCR), SDK & TWAIN, automatic correction & filling the broken edge of the scanned pages, automatic image segmentation, automatically merging both sides of the scanned ID photo, and erasing the excess parts, etc.
  • [Excellent Design]The Bamboosang document scanner is collapsible and portable, and the relatively heavy base makes the structure stable.
  • [Easy to Use]As a carefully designed scanner, the Bamboosang scanner is very easy for the users to install it and use related software.



Product Description

*Note: *The software is not compatible with Apple Mac OS* If you have any questions about installing the software or using the product, please send us an e-mail with your order number and details of your problems. Our technicians will help you to solve the problems ASAP. If there is no CD-ROM drive on your laptop, please go to our website to download the software of the scanner.

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