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Name:Multi-function Food Processor

Rated voltage:220-240V~ 

Rated frequency:50-60Hz 

Rated power:350W

Worktime:Everytime≤1 minutes Interval time:>2minutes

This processor is a class 2 electrical appliance, without additional grounding device.


1.Safety protection design: The upper part of the machine of the double safety device is provided 

with a safety starting device (built-in switch),when the cup separated from the machine,the machine stops 

rotating,which is safe and convenient to use.

2.Novel, beautiful,generous, small and practical, wide bottom, better stability and safety.

3. The cup body is made of food grade polycarbonate material.The metal sheet is made of 304 

stainless steel and wear-resistant.  lt is not easy to crack, not fade,and durable,which conforms to the National 

Health Regulations for food containers.

4. Select high-performance powerful motor, and the motor is equipped with overheat protection device.


1 Unscrew the cup and metal sheet holder, put the cup(mouth up),put the food to be processed into the cup, and 

then put the metal sheet holder on the cup(metal sheet face down),and tighten it with the cup.

2 Hold the cup, align it with the three card slots of the machine, press down, and then tighten it clockwise. Turn on

 the power,and adjust the gear button to start mixing. Generally, mixing or grinding can be completed within 30 

seconds.(manual adjustment to"0" is required to stop working)

3 After the mixing,press and hold the cup,and then turn it a little anticlockwise, and the cup can be taken out.

4 Hold the cup in one hand, the metal sheet holder in the other hand,turn the metal sheet holder anticlockwise,and 

pour out the processed food.

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