CrushGrind Coffee Grinder 080201-0099 Columbia Coffee Black, Wood

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  • Continuous adjustment of the mill: With the simple continuous adjustment of the mill, you can easily grind coffee for espresso, boiling or French press. It is good with travel brewers such as hand presso and aeropress.
  • Perfect alternative for home where you don't want a large, loud coffee grinder. This lightweight coffee grinder takes up little space in the drawer and does not shower when you grind a fresh cup of coffee
  • Ceramic work: The ceramic work ensures that the coffee is ground at low temperatures, preserving the oils and good taste of the beans as much as possible.
  • Excellent for camping or trekking: The Colombia coffee grinder is perfect for camping, fishing, boating, trekking or for a picnic in the park when you enjoy a freshly ground coffee.
  • The patented mill is based on many years of experience with salt, pepper and spice mills from h chster Qualit t. Designed and developed in Germany in Denmark. The Beh lter can grind enough coffee on 5 cups of coffee. The mill measures 19.8 x 5 cm and weighs 350 grams.

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