DONYER Electric Patio Heater Garden Quartz Heater Waterproof 2000W

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  • ※ Three Settings:650W / 1300W / 2000W
  • ※ This heater has been certified with IPX4 and can be installed on indoor and outdoor ceilings, such as living room, garden, balcony, outdoor terrace and camping BBQ area
  • ※ The extension range of the heater's telescopic rod is between 5.91 ft and 6.89 ft
  • ※ Heater contains overheat protection

    The heater of this sortfield brand heater is an electric heating wire, which is worn in the quartz tube, which plays the role of support, protection and heating. It is heated by far-infrared quartz tube. The heat transfer mode is radiation line. It has strong penetration and good heating orientation.

    Ordinary quartz tube has no waterproof function, but in order to provide users with more use range, this heater of sortfield brand is waterproof grade IPX4.

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