Paint Sprayer 600W, Electric Paint Sprayer for Walls Ceilings Fencing Furniture with 1000ml Detachable Tank with 3 Patterns and 4 Nozzles

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  • Easy to Use-- Stream emulsion sprayer pour paint through filter into the can, add corresponding thinner, start timing at the moment you lift it to outflow with the test cup, to ensure the paint viscosity that flows out in 20-45 seconds. Then to install the spray can onto the host, lock, turn switch on, you can start your work. The maximum flow rate is 1200ml/min.
  • 3 Spray Patterns-- The spray nozzle requires only a simple turning of the ears on the air cap to allow for a round, horizontal, or vertical pattern, suitable for edges, corners and broad interior surfaces of various work and DIY projects. 4 nozzles suitable for different viscosity of paint, the maximum supports 100 DIN-s.
  • Superior Finish-- With improved pattern design and spray control, painting can be done indoors or outdoors with less mess and clean-up time. You will get a very smooth surface and uniform color after paint spray, it is 8 times faster than the traditional roller at least. It is perfect for you to coat doors, windows, walls, fences, decking, ceilings, floors, cabinets, home furniture, etc.
  • Easy to Clean-- The materials in contact with the paint are resistant to acid, alkali, corrosion. And it is detachable and independently for cleaning. Please clean it IMMEDIATELY after use, pour the same thinner as your paint into the can then to spray 15 seconds, disassemble the spray gun to wash again by detergent, dredge tube and nozzle by cleaning brush and the needle.
  • What You Will Get-- Main unit, 1000ml spray container can, viscosity detection cup, 4 nozzles (one of them has been installed), cleaning brush, dredge needle, instruction manual, warranty card. If you have problems with installation or use, please contact us for further explain and trouble diagnosis in detail for you.



This high efficiency 600W Paint Sprayer with large detachable 1000ML container, it is equipped with an adjustable valve knob allows adjustable flow control from 0 to 1200ml/min for decks, fences, furniture, sheds, ramps and garages.

With a sponge to prevents dust from entering and filtering the air into the machine to extend the service life. You can exchange with the similar material after a period time using.

1.55kg lightweight gun with rubber-covered handle, not tired for a long time use, the paint sprayer need to operate within 30°upper and below to ensure no risk of the paint to be sucked into the engine then caused damage.

The spray gun can be completely disassembled and assembled, you can easily clean all accessories. To avoid the nozzle stuck, needle (included) is available to remove the paint in the nozzle. Water-based paint need cleaned with water, oil-based paint need cleaned with organic solvents.

You can use a funnel (included) offered to test viscosity in 120 seconds. The best recommendation is 20-45 DIN-s, available paint type such as photocatalyst, mixed paint, wood paint, formaldehyde scavenger, color steel tile paint, furniture primers and finishes, fluorine paint, oil-baised paint, nitro paint, varnish, latexpaint.
The painter sprayer is unavailable in natural stone coating, automotive paint(matt lacquer reinforcement agent), phosphor paint, such as these kinds of paint which include wax, phosphor ingredient, and glitter (cannot be dissolved).

There are multiple accessories: 1pcs 1000ML container can, 4pcs alternative nozzles,1pcs cleaning needle,1pcs funnel, 1pcs cleaning brush, 1pcs manual, 1pcs warranty card, to meet all your needs.

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