Philips Water Instant Water Filter - 3L capacity, 1L/min fast flow, USB-C rechargable

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About this item

  • FILTERED WATER IN NO TIME: Thanks to the instant filtration technology, it achieves up to 1L/min fast flow, which is 4X faster than a conventional water filter pitcher (compared to Philips AWP2900), while maintaining the same filtration performance. No more waiting. Just a simple touch, every drop of water is fresh filtered water.
  • 3-STAGED INSTANT FILTER: Powered by the innovative activated carbon fiber with more efficient absorption, it effectively reduces chlorine, lead, pesticides, microplastics and other particulates instantly while maintaining the faster flow.
  • USAGE-BASED FILTER LIFETIME INDICATOR: It reminds you to replace the filter based on the actual filtration volume or usage period whichever comes first. Optimal performance, less guessing.
  • NO INSTALLATION: With the built-in battery, you can set it up anywhere - on the countertop, or in the fridge door.
  • GOOD FOR THE ENVIRONMENT: Delicious water at a fraction of the cost of bottled water. One Micro X-Clean Instant filter (compared to 330ml bottled water. Each filter lasts up to 100 liters) saves more than 300 single-use plastic bottles.
  • Power source type: battery powered

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