PROGRACE Instant Print Camera for Kids, Instant Camera for Travel Learning Birthday Gift, Portable Digital Creative Print Camera with Print Paper

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Product Description

Kids instant camera

Super instant kids camera

PROGRACE focuses on children’s products. This latest kid’s instant print camera is a very cost-effective camera with a cute and beautiful appearance, and can print photos at any time, taking children to explore new worlds, away from the temptation of mobile phones, and enjoy parents and children together Time. This kids print camera uses safe materials and is very suitable for all children over 4 years old.

Warm tips:

1. Print density: 0(Darkest), 1, 2 (default), 3, 4(Brightest)

2. The smallest resolution 1M and the darkest print density 0, the printed photos will be better.

3. When printing text, choose 2x zoom would be better.

4. Different ambient brightness, photo resolution and printing density, the printed photos will have different effects. Please select the appropriate parameter settings( photo resolution/ printing density/2x zoom etc.)

5. Two steps to turn on camera. First switch battery button which near sd card slot from off to on, then long press power on/off button.

kids instant print
children camera

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