Reishunger Rice Cooker & Steamer with Keep-Warm Function for 1-6 People - Quick Preparation Without Burning - Non-Stick Coating incl. Steamer Insert

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reishunger reiskocher

Our electric rice cooker in the chic Reishunger design is the ideal rice cooker for beginners and cooks not only husked rice but also whole grain rice perfectly. It can also steam vegetables, fish or meat. It can also steam vegetables, fish or meat conveniently while the rice is cooking. It is ideal for anyone who is looking for a simple but good rice cooker. No more than one button is needed for a perfect result!

The advantages of our electric rice cooker:

Powerful rice cooker with keep-warm function for perfectly cooked rice.

✔ One button - perfect result in minimalist Reishunger design

✔ High-quality double non-stick coated inner pot with honeycomb pattern

✔ Rice cooker as steamer for vegetables, fish and seafood

✔ Short cooking time, even cooking and no burning

✔ Keep warm function for up to 8 hours

✔ Includes rice cooker spoon, steamer insert and measuring cup

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