Russell Hobbs 26200 Attentiv Electric Kettle - Variable Temperature Kettle (40°C-100°C) with Infuser Basket and Touch Screen Controls, 1.7 Litres

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Russell Hobbs Attentiv Electric Kettle 26200

If you think all a kettle does is boil water, think again. Our Attentiv Kettle is packed with technology that puts you in control. Because you can choose to heat water from 40°C – to 100°C, you get the optimum temperature for your perfect brew. There’s even a removable tea infuser basket, allowing you and your family to enjoy a variety of tea types.

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Push to Open Lid

Easy to open lid; just gently push and it flips up for quick and simple filling and emptying.

Removable Infuser Basket

The removable basket allows you to infuse loose leaf tea inside the kettle itself which is ideal if you don’t have a teapot to hand.

Variable Temperature

A Variable Temperature feature means you can set it to stop heating water at any temperature from 40°C up to 100°C to meet your requirements.

Steep Timer

Tailors the brew time to suit those oh-so delicate speciality teas.

Touch Screen Control

An easy to clean touch screen interface means you’re in control of settings. In just a few taps you’ll be able to set it to make your idea of the perfect hot drink.

Russell Hobbs Attentiv Electric Kettle

The Attentiv Kettle allows you to tailor the water boiling temperature from 40°C to 100°C to get every hot drink just right.

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