Sanyun SW208 3" Active Bluetooth 5.0 Bookshelf Speakers – 60W Carbon Fiber Speaker Unit - Built-in 24bit DAC - Dynamic 3D Surround Sound (Pair, White)

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  • 【SMALL HIFI BOOKSHELF SPEAKERS】SW-208 is a small bookshelf speaker with HiFi sound quality. It adopts standard bookshelf speaker system design, i.e. direct/reflective speaker system. Can be placed at will, can easily create a rich stereo sense and strong sound pressure.
  • 【30Wx2 CARBON FIBER SEPAKER UNIT】The speaker unit is designed with carbon fiber material and multi-layer voice coil technology, which is proprietary by Sanyun Company. It has excellent sound performance, warm and thick medium frequency, deep and powerful low frequency, clear and bright high frequency sound characteristics. And the speaker unit has a super durability and stability, can work steadily in any environment.
  • 【24bit DAC USB CONNECTION AND BLUETOOTH 5.0】Bluetooth 5.0 connection, stable transmission. When connecting with USB cable, the built-in 24 bit DAC can obtain the digital audio signal directly, which can provide 3D surround sound and higher fidelity sound quality. Note: the speakers can only reach the limit output decoding rate.
  • 【TREBLE AND BASS ADJUSTMENT】To achieve true HiFi sound quality, set the total volume, treble and bass adjustment knobs on the side of main speaker. Please adjust the most suitable sound according to your preferences, or adjust the best sound effect according to different sound types.
  • 【QUIET STANDBY AND ENERGY SAVING】 Built in noise elimination system. Built-in chip, intelligent filter input audio, automatic filter to remove noise, keep the speakers absolutely quiet while standby. The design standard conforms to EU ER2 standard, saving energy. A good speaker, not only can provide good sound performance, when not in use, can quietly let you forget its existence.



Product Description

In our opinion, a good speaker should have the following three characteristics.

1. Superior Sound

For this we specially designed 3-inch carbon fiber unit, you can get the cleanest and most impressive natural sound, and 60W continuous undistorted power.

The built-in 24-bit decoder improves the accuracy and completeness of audio input and keeps the original sound of the sound you want to play to the greatest extent.

2. Easy to use, suitable for various scenarios.

3.5mm Audio/USB wired connection, plus Bluetooth 5.0, can adapt to your various needs, whether you want to enjoy music, watch movies, or play games.

3. Quiet Solitude

When you do not need it, it is just a decoration that makes you forget it's there. Built in noise elimination system, intelligent filter input audio, automatic filter to remove noise, keep the speakers quiet while standby.

Coupled with the elegant style, this is Sanyun SW208.


Rated output power: 60W

SPL: >80Db

Frequency: 40 Hz-20 KHz

THD+N: ≤1% at maximum volume output

Note: The connecting line between the main and auxiliary speakers is 1.3m, because of the size of the product, it is not equipped with a long line. If you need to place it in a wider position, you can measure it in advance.

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