Shiatsu Neck and Shoulder Massager with Heat Back Massager Deep Tissue for Women Men Neckrelax Neck Pain Relief Massage Machine Shoulder Massager with Heat Infrared Massager Neck Relax Massage Belt

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  • PROFESSIONAL MASSAGE THERAPY RIGHT IN THE COMFORT OF YOUR HOME: The pursuit of relaxation and pain relief is gaining popularity. The answer? A great massage. But having one can be costly and time-consuming. Here comes ESSY Premium Shoulder, Back and Full-Body Massager. It’s like getting a professional massage without leaving your home and spending a lot of money! This shiatsu back massager with heat is based on massage and heat therapy which can be carried out on various parts of the body.
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL MUSCLE MASSAGER TO IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH: This massage pillow is your de-stressing partner. It helps eliminate anxiety, stress and fatigue and can also be used for pain relief (helps alleviate pain in various body parts, e.g. neck pain relief) and for improving muscle mobility, blood circulation and overall personal health. The U-shaped design allows this massager handheld to massage various body parts such as neck, shoulders, back, waist, abdomen, arms, tights, calves and feet.
  • PREMIUM FEATURES: We want to ensure the most relaxing and beneficial experience for you, which is why our neck, shoulder, back and leg massager has adjustable intensity, low-noise technology and bidirectional rotation that changes after 1 minute. The device is safe to use – it features an auto-shutdown technology that turns off the device after 15 minutes (one recommended massage session) and overheating protection. It is also made from PU leather and breathable mesh – easy-to-clean materials.
  • COMPLETE SET FOR ON-THE-GO USE: ESSY Premium Shoulder, Back and Full-Body Massager comes with a CE adapter, a car charger adapter, and a user manual. It is your portable massage machine that you can take with you anywhere you go so you can enjoy a relaxing massage session wherever: at home, in the office, or while travelling right in the passenger seat!
  • ONE PRODUCT FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY: Health is wealth. Start taking care of your family’s health with a single device for body, neck relax and shoulder massage! This massage belt is suitable for people of any age looking to minimize stress and fatigue caused by school, a desk job, or a field job. It’s great for alleviating pain from hard physical work or old age. It’s a cool gift idea, too! Give that priceless gift of wellbeing to your loved ones with our neck massager deep tissue for women men!

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